The key to ensuring threats are quickly mitigated and expeditiously neutralized is by utilizing rapid communication, with a clear understanding of the situation and what actions need to be taken.

The guardian one technologies will send out alerts within seconds to chosen officials such as: Police, Fire and School Administrators.

Situational Awareness

Guardian One is developing real-time communications through a visual display network that provides alerts, illuminates security procedures/emergency action plans consistent with the unique schematic of the respective building/facility. It depicts where the threat /emergency is located in the building, and designates  locked down areas and optimal exit routes. 

The displayed critical information is relevant to reduce confusion for those directly affected by the emergency as it is to first responders. First Responders increased situational awareness and understanding of the threat and its location will reduce uncertainty and support expedited procedures.

This product is in development and when completed it will integrate with AI and other security systems for optimal situational awareness.

When not in use, Clients can use the screens, with digital touchscreen interface options, for other work or educational functions.

Advertisements through our host services can also be presented on select screens to generate additional revenue for our clients.

We can modify all HD televisions 1080P and above into touch screen monitors to increase capabilities for our clients.