Violence in the United States (US) and abroad continues to escalate. Since 2000, police in the US have intercepted 277 active shooter incidents.

Hate crimes alone rose 17% in 2017. More people have died or been injured in mass shootings in the US in the past 18 years than in the entire 20th century.

The difference between survival and tragedy equals seconds. Time and space equal lives saved and early detection is critical. Guardian One provides weapons detection with the use of artificial intelligence that is intended to be placed at key access points to analyze data input and provide instantaneous security alerts.

Early Detection is Key

Early warning is key to effective deployment of timely survival countermeasures. Guardian One offers automated alert systems capable of screening moving individuals for weapons such as handguns, rifles, knives and other potential instruments of violence. AI works directly with installed camera systems and is capable of detecting unwanted individuals, reading license plates, fire and or smoke and other potential dangers. Guardian One offers cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) software is trained to recognize suspicious or dangerous activity. Our system can incorporate an AI video surveillance software that is trained to identify weapons and other programmable items of interest in plain sight of the video cameras.

Our system seeks to mitigate or reduce threats through early detection and clear communication.